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Car Hire: For self-drive adventures has become a new norm for both first time travelers and return travelers to our destinations and with this we decided to stand out and let our clients enjoy their own tailored safaris. We found this easy to do with much ease because we have our own fleet ranging from medium terrain Rav4 cars to all terrain safari Jeeps (Land cruisers). The ball remains in your hand based on where your mind looks forwarding to taking your entire body and make a unique experience for yourself.

By the way, we also have solutions for those travelers coming or already here working with organizations and are looking at hiring a car for long term use while here!

We have vehicles available for both long- and short-term hire, hit our contact button and fill the form to select the vehicle of your convenience; you can as well contact us for advice on the car we recommend based on where your adventure is taking you. For starters, driving in Uganda is quite challenging due to low attention to traffic rules from most road users especially public passenger cars Taxis and Motorcycles so this has to draw your attention and take care of three cars the one you’re driving, the one in front of you and the one behind you it’s funny but real!

Please if it’s your first time to drive in Africa, you will need to be extra careful most of the roads are not well marked and diversions happen without prior communication to road users always inquire about the best possible road before you can follow Google maps, we are always available to advise on this.

Vehicles available and their description:

  1. Land cruiser (Pop up) for Safari and game viewing
  2. Land cruiser (Roof tent) also has enough spacious windows for wildlife viewing and enough leg room, the only difference from the safari land cruiser is that this will be having your sleeping tent on top and you cant open its pop up
  3. Land cruiser TX, GX, TZ, all are available in both Manual and Auto gear transmission they are full time 4×4 highly recommended for couple travelers and family of up to 4 people.
  4. Nissan Patrol, good for taking care of rough terrains.
  5. Rav4. Available for easy adventures, highly recommended for smooth roads and first time drivers, they have seating capacity of 3-5 people.
  6. Mini-Van (Super custom and Toyota Hiace, these are also full-time 4×4 customed vehicles we have both with rooftop tents and open popup, their seating capacity varies from 3-7 people for big and friendly groups looking at not missing any safari stories get this for your trip.


See our car hire terms and conditions; contact us for more explanation and discussion on the terms.

About our fleet;
All our cars are insured with third party, please buy your own life insurance before travelling to Africa. We recommend refilling fuel from Shell station or Total station and in upcountry places where these are not available, please buy from Stabex, Gaz, or Petro Uganda.

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