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The beautiful dripping showers of Sipi falls flow from the legendary River Sipi that flows on the slopes of glorious Mount. Elgon forming a series of three cataracts that drift along the cliff before its shimmering waters flow to the glistening waters of Lake Kyoga. Before the fascinating falls went down in history because of the dazzling contribution they offer to nature, they were named after the Sep which is a wild plant that’s a banana look alike, believed to heal measles and fever.

Uniqueness of Sipi Falls.

The towering Mount. Elgon has over 1000 waterfalls that flow from its slopes, but the hair-raising Sipi falls are the most known among them all. They are among the most visited sites in the country. This is because it is believed that the three falls are the most beautiful of all falls that are in the Pearl of Africa.

Tourist activities in Sipi Falls.


Sipi falls are the best and only place for abseiling in Uganda. The falls are comprised of three beautiful showers but the first and main fall called Chebonet offers perfect angels for this amazing sport. Tourists are fastened to safety with a tight harnessing device and freely fall down the 100m cliff, all in joy and awe.


This is the main activity done by almost everyone who comes to Sipi falls. There are variety of pick-up points for this adventure and tourists can begin with any of the falls, however many prefer to first hiking the main fall which drops through a cliff that is about 100m long, the second falls through distance of 74m and Ngasire the third fall can effortlessly be spotted by visitors since it falls through a cliff that is raised 85m above the ground and can be spotted even from a far distance.

While galloping with sticks over the hilly areas, hikers are blessed with sights from the surroundings like the towering Elgon Mountain that appears as though it touches the sky while from a far, flat Karamoja plains stand out among the hilly surroundings, Kenya in the neighborhood, Lake Kyoga and beautiful coffee plantations.

Coffee plantation tours

Uganda is renowned for being a great coffee export country, but did you know that undying throat reliever that people relish originates from the mountainous areas of Kapchorwa? Uganda delicious coffee grows along with a fine tune brought by Sipi falls. The Bugisu Arabica coffee grows and glows best on altitudes above 1550 and in areas that receive abundant rains like the slopes of mountain Elgon.

Climbing mountain Elgon

Hiking Sipi falls is not the only exciting hike mountain enthusiasts can get because the wondrous tower of mountain Elgon offers a more challenging and exhilarating hike to visitors. This extinct volcano is renowned for being the second largest volcano in the world and a climb to its tip gives trekkers numerous chances of spotting world’s largest caldera.

Cultural walks

The hilly and green filled areas in Sipi are brought to more life by the two prestigious tribes that are in the surrounding. Tourists can either follow the Bagisu or Sabiny individuals while in Sipi for amazing cultural practices that are endemic to their tribes like the historic circumcision practice, cultural songs, ways of life of the people in the surrounding among others.

Other attractions around Sipi falls.


Times really go by but the historic caves that were put up by then natives of the area still exist and offer a great deal of excitement to visitors. These caves were artificially crafted by the people during long forgotten good times as they had minerals that were beneficial to the growth of their plants. While hiking the glorious falls, tourists can get a chance of peeping in the inside of these walls and glance at the writings on their walls showcasing the past of those that once occupied them.

Coffee plantations

The land of gigantic and healthy coffee beans is the slopes of mountain Elgon, brightened super-glowing beans of coffee called Arabica are entirely grown by every individual in this area and they are worth a visit. Trekkers get the chance of learning, enjoying the whole process from growing coffee seeds from soil until they are ready for hot cappuccino that is relished by variety of people.

The local community

Communities near the Sipi falls are dazzling and tourists enjoy navigating around the falls as they sight different homesteads of individuals that are spread over hilly areas and their incredible cultures that amaze tourists.

When to visit Sipi falls?

The climate around the magnificent falls of Sipi is generally cool year-round but the dry months of the year offer preferential treatment to visitors especially those that are looking forward to hiking expeditions.

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